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Circa 1919 12″ W. J. Palmer (Williams Improved) Blue Bird Stone Burr Mill
Serial Number 887

In 1914 the largest industry in Ronda, NC was the Williams Mill Manufacturing Company with a trade throughout the southern and western states of the U.S. with agencies in South Africa and Australia. It was organized and incorporated in 1910 with the authorized capital of $125,000. In 1913, more than 600 mills were manufactured and sold. President of the Williams Company at that time was W.J. Palmer.
Around 1919, W.J. Palmer started producing the “Williams Improved” line manufactured under his name in Roaring River, NC.
This mill Includes:

Re-poured babbitt
Stones dressed
Stainless hopper
Stainless shoe
Stainless lined
Sifter design with stainless screening
Old-style wooden blower
Original Blue Bird lacquer finish

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